Patent 1 of 3: Christmas Card Display Device Simulating a Tree

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Welcome back to Patently Yours!  Christmas Tree patents were delightfully abundant, making it difficult to select only a handful of gems.  But, I managed.  Here are a few fun Christmas Tree patents along with my cheeky reviews:

Patent 1 of 3

Christmas Card Display Device Simulating a Tree

Filed June 14, 1945



Yes, not technically a Christmas Tree and more an odd solution to organizing and displaying the pile of holiday cards.  Still, this could be a fun improvement on the traditional Christmas Tree.  For example, a card tree never requires water.  Also, if you are exceedingly popular or come from a massive family, you may acquire sufficient cards each year, so you could start a new card tree each season.  Not only would you have a display that proves to your guests how loved you are, but you would also have a disposable fake tree that won’t gather dust in your attic over a year.  On the other hand, to those with a recently-changed address or to those who favor quality over quantity of friends (and family?), you may need a few seasons to accumulate enough cards to make a lush card tree.  So, personally, I would have a Charlie Brown card tree this year.  However bountiful your collection of holiday cards may be, now you have a quirky new way to display them beyond the usual card garden.

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P.S. Hopefully this goes without saying, but please keep all flames or potential flames away from the very flammable paper cards.  Safety first!

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