E-Cigarettes Patent 2 of 3

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It feels like I have been away forever.  Hopefully, you missed these witty posts.  Heh.  As I promised, I will attempt to pair a patent to a trademarked e-cigarette technology from each Philip Morris (Marlboro) and R.J. Reynolds (Camel).  I shall begin this game with the MarkTen from Philip Morris.

Patent 2 of 3:


Flow Distributor of an Electrically Heated Cigarette Smoking System

ECig 2

According to the MarkTenTM website, under MarkTen facts, the e-cigarettes use FourDrawTM technology “for a consistently smooth experience.”  The stated purpose of US6994096 is “a desirable improvement in air flow distribution to heater blades of an electrical smoking system, which results in an increase of the total aerosol delivery of the system.”  And, not so coincidentally, two dependent claims specify embodiments with four openings.  In further support of my guess, Column 4 lines 21-41 (you have to view the patent in PDF form to column and line numbering) describe in detail an exemplary embodiment with four holes.  Boom!  Matched!

Stay tuned for the next exciting round, which**spoiler alert** is not nearly as obvious as this one.  And on that bombshell (to quote Top Gear), I conclude this post.  Until next time!

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